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嵐 ~ My Life ~
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Soooooo I finally got my single! yay!

I have to be honest. At first, I didn't like it too much. But maybe that's because I was listening to it without paying much attention. I was multitasking as always! *whistles*

BUT, after listening to it again, I liked it. And I liked it even more after Gio 123stella (aka the crazy italian girl) said that the LE version had another track and that it was a ballad! yay! I'm a ballad sucker, you know! LOL And no, I didn't know about the other track! I'm such a failure! I totally overlooked it! T.T

My favorite song is still Meikyuu Love Song, especially after the cute PV and the super cute dog Riida!! <3 But I do like Together Forever as well! ^^

I bought the RE version because of the karaoke, but be aware that this version doesn't have Kienu Omoi.

Release date: 2011.11.02

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9th-Jul-2011 03:23 am - BEAUTIFUL WORLD Album [320kbps .mp3]
Posting Beautiful World for some of my friends who might be interested.

I just have one thing to say, I'm in love with this album!!!!! <3 I loved Nino's solo (as expected) and Mada Minu Sekai e, and Always, and Morning Light, and Joy... mm... actually, I loved all of them! ^^ And of course I loved Oh-chan's voice in each and every song, especially when he sings "Hey super soul~" Kyaaaaaaaaa! <3

Release date: 2011.07.06

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8th-Mar-2011 01:00 pm - LOTUS Single (RE) mp3 [320kbps]
Due to many many laptop issues I couldn't post it earlier but it's here now. ^^ I know that most of you have already bought it or DL-ed it but I'm posting it anyway. (and sorry for spamming you, BTW!^^)

I bought the RE version this time because, as many of you might already know, I'M A KARAOKE SUCKER!! And it was the right decision after all because the LE version doesn't have the making of so... NO REGRETS!

Release date: 2011.02.23

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24th-Feb-2011 06:07 pm - SAD DAY!!!!
Well I should be posting my Lotus Single but I didn't have time yet. Well, instead of sharing Arashi love with this amazing fandom, today I'm here to share my sadness.

Like Hannah-chan said once, it feels like being forced to leave my own home!! It's unfair and sad, but it was for the best ne!

Just wanted to say that I do feel like ST was my own home and I will miss it very much!!! T.T

Minna, no matter what happens, deep inside our hearts, we will always be STs!!!!! <3

Otsukaresama deshita!!!

I love you all!!!

31st-Jan-2011 09:44 am - MY SCENE DVD HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!

My copy just arrived!!! Mimi is happy, excited and fully awake on a Monday morning... MEZURASHII!!!!!

But I've been waiting for sooooo long that I almost cried when I opened the package! Everything's so beautiful!!! *shining eyes*. I know, I know it sounds silly but, what can I do? I'm a person in love! *shrugs*

Actually I have an encoding to finish but I'm so excited to watch it! Well, I guess I'll be very busy today!

After watching the whole thing at least a few times(and yell and cry and fall in love with Oh-chan~) I intend to rip my dvd and share it here with the scans and everything.

*off to my Oh-Land* ^_^ :D :P ^_~
10th-Dec-2010 11:16 am - 3s OF ME

tagged by josylovesjun

3s of ME

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25th-Nov-2010 10:48 pm(no subject)
It's still 25 nov here, but...


Can you believe he is turning 30?  O.O

I don't even have the time to post a pic of him, sorry!!

Yosh!!! Still have a lot of work to do for Riida's sake so...

See ya!!!! ^_~

Well, it's freaking 2:45 AM here and it seems that my cellphone won't stop!! It will never stop!! It's been a hell since morning. I had thousands of calls today and it seems that I will have to skip my sleeping time AGAIN because of work! And tomorrow I'm gonna need to wake up early too (still work!) which means that, basicaly, I won't be able to sleep at all (again!)... for real!!!

How can someone live like this? I keep asking myself while trying to stay awake!! So, have you ever thought about changing your life completely? Like... starting all over again? A new job, another country maybe!! Ahh!!!! I've been thinking about that lately...

Haha! I'm very contemplative today! Or maybe I'm just so tired I can't think straight! O_o

So, who's better than Arashi to keep me company? Let's share some love then. Today I'm posting my Love Rainbow (LE). I didn't really looove the PV, but I did looooooove the making of!! Lots and lots of Ohmiya!! Nino is seriously cute being a total brat!! And Oh-chan is irresistible as a total DO-M!! Ah! Actually, I feel like watching it again now!!!  Wait... let me post this first...

Release date: 2010.09.08 

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Well, I'm pretty much bored today! I have no timing job right now because I've finished the one I was working on yesterday. I'm also procrastinating and trying to avoid my real life job because it sucks big time!!!

Having nothing to do, I decided to upload my Dear Snow (LE) too, both PVs and everything.

Oh I just love Dear Snow, it's a beautiful song and Nino is handsome in the PV. I don't like the making photo version very much though! As everybody else, I was waiting for a making of or something, but that's fine.

Release date: 2010.10.06

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I'm back!!!!!!! It's been a while ne!! Sorry, my real life is eating me alive!!!   x_x

Yay!! My Hatenai Sora arrived a day earlier and I got so happy that I decided to share it right away!!! Oh, I just love FEDEX!!! (Ok, not that much because it's FREAKING expensive!!!).
I know that I'm late with this because it has already been shared and everything but... well... I think that there's no such thing as too-much-Arashi, right? I hope you don't mind!!! **blushing**

I've bought the Regular Edition this time, because I just loooove karaoke so... If you feel like DL-ing it, go ahead!!  ^_-

Release date: 2010.11.10

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